About Slices Consulting

Are you sick of Internet being polluted with popups, ads or clickbait articles? Do you think that most marketing is complete BS? Are you tired of businesses focusing on short-term gains instead of people?

Then please keep reading...

First, this is why you should work with us:

This is us:

About Slices:

We were sick and tired of Internet pollution, bad marketing and shareholder capitalism, so we started Slices (founded in 2015 in Dublin, Ireland).

We help brands to get more conversions and long-term profits with a no-BS, respectful & structured approach to Internet marketing.

Our Good Marketing approach is based on trust and people:

  1. Research: We understand what prevents people to become customers and come back. We also identify new opportunities.
  2. Solutions: We come up wth solutions. We use authentic & respectful digital marketing that speaks to people (not shareholders or competitors).
  3. Test & Evolve: We test everything and never stand still

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